The Budding Tree GRAND OPENING

A few weeks ago, I was driving one of my regular routes, and I noticed that what used to be an odds-n-ends store in Munroe Falls now had a new sign. Curious, I googled the name of the company. It was another Wedding professional offering flowers, floral design and accompanying items.

I called Erin, and introduced myself. Welcome to the area! (She was already from the area, but this is her new office space). As a wedding photographer in the area, I asked if I could stop by and say hello and introduce myself.

A few weeks later, I happened to be passing when she was in, so I stopped by and said hello. I was truly impressed by how gorgeous the space was! Erin let me know that she was having a grand opening open house to celebrate in a few weeks and invited me to attend, so of course I did!

Congrats, Erin, on your new location! I look forward to taking pictures of your flowers!