I was featured on Wedding Venture as one of the Top wedding photographer in Akron, OH.


During the peak months of May-September, I am often booked every weekend. If I have the day available, I would be more than happy to provide my services to you. Please call me at 330-203-1193

My wedding is coming up very soon, and I need a photographer, are you available?


Generally, the answer is going to be an enthusiastic yes! However, I do charge for travel for any weddings more than 30 miles from Akron, unless of course you wish to buy my ticket to Hawaii! 

My wedding is very far away, can you photograph it?


I am unable to provide this service. This is because I take my work very seriously, and while I do my best to ensure that every photo comes out of the camera perfect, I want to make sure that the product I give you is perfect.

I don't need editing done, can I just have the photos after the wedding is over?


The answer is going to be yes in many occasions, however this is going to be subject to my second-shooter’s availability and may not be available on your date. I’m also confident that either way, I will be able to capture every story, and every moment for you.

My wedding is going to be incredibly large, can you provide a second shooter?


For portraits and most events, within 2 weeks. For weddings, I try for two weeks but the editing may take up to 3 weeks. After photos are delivered, please allow 2 weeks for your prints to be ready. I order my prints through a lab that checks to make sure the photos are true to their intended colour, and prints on Kodak Endura, archival grade paper which allows your prints to stay vibrant for generations. 

Some albums, custom canvases, or very large prints could take additional time.

How long will it take to get my photos?


Yes, I ask that all shoots pay a 50% retainer to hold the date when booking, and pay the balance when ordering prints. Retainer fees are non-refundable 90 days before the event. This is because, as a busy photographer, when a shoot is cancelled and I am unable to fill the day, I take an incredible loss. 

Do you require a deposit?


I am committed to providing photography services that are tailored to fit every client. Because of this, I offer packages that are very flexible with unlimited add-ons. If you would like to get a custom quote or ask about special services, please submit an inquiry on the contact page. 

Do you offer custom plans/services?


Do you have a referral program?